Awin's solution to scale their teams with top experts in Engineering & AI

About the company

Awin connects advertisers and publishers globally, challenging big tech with customizable affiliate marketing solutions. With a presence in 17 offices worldwide, Awin empowers over 25,000 advertisers to control their growth, generating over €17 billion in revenue for their advertisers last year.



To support their rapid expansion, Awin needed to enlarge their engineering and AI teams in various locations. The main obstacle they encountered was the difficulty in quickly sourcing talent that met their high-quality benchmarks.

Compounding the issue was the considerable amount of time wasted on unproductive interviews by key personnel, whose time was especially valuable during this period.


Staff the roles via a single scalable solution with a strong understanding of Awin's needs, able to cover all skills.
To ensure quality and speed, UPPER assigned a dedicated Engineering Director to clarify the roles and identify the best fits from a pool of thousands of pre-vetted talent.

With an ~60% interview-to-hire ratio and an average time-to-hire of 1 week, the time spent by Awin to hire new talent was reduced significantly.

I am very happy with this collaboration. The talent quality has been really good and I see a strong added-value of working with the UPPER platform, team and talent.

Heiko Franz
Director of Engineering

solution implementation Timeline

Discovery and Requirements

2 days
1 person
Staffing Expertise

An Engineering Director from UPPER assessed the project and team requirements together with Awin, in order to coordinate staffing and identify the right talent.

Scaling the team on demand

~5 days / talent
13 people

Awin regularly hires new talent, leveraging UPPER's speed and the expertise of their dedicated Engineering Director who has an in-depth understanding of the company's technical framework and culture (high match accuracy).

Very fast turnaround and consistent talent quality. A great platform and team to support all of our needs.

Heiko Franz
Director of Engineering

Key Results

The solution enabled Awin to speed up delivery, reduce costs, and secure a top tier team that is easy to scale.

  • Avg. 5 days to hire
  • 60% interview-to-hire
  • 13 hires
  • High efficiency gains

AWIN benefited from


Added 12 senior backend and frontend developers to multiple teams, in under 4 weeks.


CTO-level Engineering Director with in-depth knowledge of Awin's needs.


Long term contracts with a 1 month notice period for each team member.