From zero to €30M Series A with UPPER

About the company

FORMEL Skin is a HealthTech startup from Berlin that offers individualised medical treatments online, solving a series of challenges facing dermatologists and patients today.
Founded in 2019, today FORMEL Skin is backed by some of Europe's most prominent early stage venture capital funds such as Singular, Cherry Ventures and Heartcore Capital.



As an early stage company FORMEL was looking to build and launch their product (MVP) as soon as possible, to start working out their product-market fit and raise venture financing.

A key challenge for the founders was the insufficient technical expertise. They needed support in assessing the technical challenges ahead, from selecting an appropriate tech stack to creating a scalable architecture to figuring out the setup of their engineering team and recruit all team members to work alongside them.


Hire a complete delivery team - product, engineering, design - to work directly with the founders and the extended team, on a day to day basis, for the long term. The team would focus on building, launching and iterating on the MVP, regularly adjusting the product to user input and learnings.

FORMEL Skin launched their product successfully and raised €30M in funding.
In this setup, UPPER was their de facto CTO and HR department (team is still on board after 2+ years).

Absolutely love UPPER. They ramped up our first tech team who built our MVP and then helped us scale the team further as our roadmap grew.

Anton Kononov
Co-Founder & CPO

solution implementation Timeline

First, figure out the tech

2 weeks
2 people
Technical Expertise

During an initial scoping phase, a CTO-level Engineering Director from UPPER defined the architecture, selected the tech stack, planned the team setup and estimated delivery effort.

Build the MVP and launch

3mon to MVP, then ongoing
10 people

Development was carried out over SCRUM with 2 week sprints, using a CI/CD setup on AWS.
Part of the team joined FORMEL Skin as employees with ESOPS.

UPPER is our only go-to partner whenever we need support with tech talent.

Anton Kononov
Co-Founder & CPO

Key Results

The solution allowed FORMEL Skin to build and launch their MVP in under 3 months and raise over €30M in venture funding to scale further.

  • Fast start (<2 weeks)
  • Live MVP in <3 months
  • Detailed tech plan
  • Dedicated team

FORMEL SKIN benefited from


Hired a team of 10 senior experts in product, design and engineering in under 4 weeks.


UPPER's CTO-level engineering directors and talent specialists as 'team architects'.


Long term contracts with 1 month notice periods for each team member. All compliant.