How IBM iX streamlined contractor payroll and management with UPPER

About the company

IBM iX is a leading consultancy, digital agency, design studio and tech company all rolled into one, specialised in providing end-to-end digital solutions across multiple sectors.
With over 1.2K professionals on board and partnerships with leading software providers like Adobe and Salesforce, they offer impartial, forward-thinking advice and develop holistic digital products, emphasizing the philosophy that good experience is good business.

Studios in Europe


One increasing challenge for IBM iX (DACH/EU) has been to pay and manage contractors across multiple countries, each contractor having their own invoicing setup and particularities.
To complicate matters further, contractors were looking for payment terms that were much shorter than what IBM iX expected.

With third-party talent becoming an integral part of many projects, finding a simple and compliant way to engage them was essential.


UPPER became the sole contracting entity for IBM iX, bringing all contractors onto its platform for payroll management and execution.
After implementation, UPPER issued one monthly compliant invoice that covered all contractors, while also handling payments as arranged with IBM iX.
Moreover, this setup enabled IBM iX to expedite payments to contractors, circumventing the lengthy internal payment terms.

Simply put, the solution was to use UPPER's platform as a service.

As a company working with talent all over Europe, UPPER really helped us simplify our contractor payments and management

Moreno Grgurić
Executive Director Digital Platforms

solution implementation Timeline

Setup of contractors

2 days
Talent Specialist
Talent Expertise

Onboard all of the needed contractors from IBM iX to the UPPER platform to streamline and centralise payroll management and execution.

Invoicing and payroll


UPPER issued a single compliant invoice per month that covered all contractors (instead of one per contractor). Additionally, UPPER's payroll enabled IBM iX to expedite contractor payments, circumventing long payment terms.

Platform As a Service


On top of payroll, the solution came with a set of extra features such as central reporting, expert talent vetting for new contractors and more.

More: New talent added

On demand
3 people

One additional benefit for IBM iX was the ability to hire new contractors directly from the UPPER platform, on demand, and run over the same setup.

Another great added value is having a SPOC that is handling everything from 1st call to project handover and off-boarding, leading to a smooth process overall

Moreno Grgurić
Executive Director Digital Platforms

Key Results

Streamline own contractor payroll & management via UPPER and hire new talent on top, on demand.

  • Central management
  • One compliant invoice
  • One report
  • Augmented teams

IBM iX benefited from


Easy onboarding of contractors and simple payroll.


Fully compliant invoicing and contracts.


Quickly add new talent on demand, for new projects.