LIVEBUY's unfair advantage to launch fast and raise funding

About the company

LIVEBUY is Berlin based startup on a mission to build the future of shopping.
Through their live video shopping technology, the company aims to help customers experience products in an entertaining, informative and interactive way, thus empowering them to make more confident buying decisions.
LIVEBUY was founded in 2020, won Europe’s leading beauty retailer as its first customer and is backed by a stellar group of experienced business angels.



As an early stage startup, LIVEBUY was looking to build and launch their first product as soon as possible, to start working out their product-market fit and raise funding.

A key challenge for the founders during the early days of the company was to quickly hire a team of top tier developers and product experts to work alongside them.


Hire a complete delivery team to work as an integral part of the wider LIVEBUY team and build the product together, benefiting from a full inside view of the business.
For the team to have a high degree of autonomy, the leads were hired first and were charged with onboarding the remaining team members to full capacity.

Over this setup, UPPER was LIVEBUY's de facto HR department and recruiter.

As a growing startup, we had to get our tech team in place fast and partnering with UPPER was ideal for us.

Alex von Harsdorf
Co-Founder & CEO

solution implementation Timeline

Build and launch the product

10 people

Development was carried out over SCRUM with 2 week sprints, using continuous delivery over a CI/CD setup on AWS.

UPPER's tech experts understood our tech roadmap in detail and provided us the right matches to launch our product in time.

Alex von Harsdorf
Co-Founder & CEO

Key Results

The solution allowed LIVEBUY to quickly build and launch their MVP and raise €5M+ in funding.

  • Start fast (<2 weeks)
  • Build MVP (<3 mon)
  • Fixed dedicated team
  • Raise €5M

LIVEBUY benefited from


Assembled a team of 10 senior experts in product and engineering in under 4 weeks.


UPPER's CTO-level engineering directors and talent specialists as 'team architects'.


Long term contracts with 1 month notice periods for each team member. All compliant.