How Streamwide leveraged an UPPER team to upgrade their product and fill a talent gap

About the company

Streamwide (FRA: 07R) is a leading communications software technology provider delivering mission critical communications and operations solutions.
Their products range from real-time voice and data solutions to geolocation services and digital transformation of operational processes, servicing customers in government and enterprise.



Streamwide was looking to refactor and upgrade part of their product suite, using a new technology stack that fell outside the expertise of their existing team.

To achieve this, Streamwide's strategy was to hire a team of senior engineers for a 12-18 month project, while they were recruiting internally.
Following the completion of the project, the team would do a full handover and phase out.


To address this challenge, UPPER assigned an Engineering Director to evaluate the technical needs of the product and collaborate with Streamwide's project lead to create a team ramp-up and onboarding strategy.

Having gained a comprehensive understanding of the necessary setup, UPPER assembled the complete team in less than 2 weeks, with each team member undergoing a custom interview process as required by Streamwide.

"We started to work with UPPER as part of our strategy to recruit senior developers for our product suite."

Daniel Smaranda
Lead Product Manager

solution implementation Timeline

Team setup and planning

1 day
1 Engineering Director
Staffing Expertise

An Engineering Director from UPPER assessed the product technical requirements and created a team ramp-up plan, in collaboration with the project lead at Streamwide.

Ongoing dedicated support

Support team

With the team in place and fully onboarded, UPPER provided ongoing support with further team scaling, weekly reporting, monthly invoicing and more.

UPPER understood our needs and provided highly experienced engineers who deliver top work in a timely manner.

Daniel Smaranda
Lead Product Manager

Key Results

The solution enabled Streamwide to begin work immediately and bridge a hiring gap that would have otherwise cost them more than 6 months of downtime.

  • 8 people hired
  • Hiring gap bridged
  • Zero downtime
  • Successful transition

STREAMWIDE benefited from


Hire 8 senior experts in web frontend and backend technologies, in under 2 weeks.


UPPER's CTO-level engineering director and talent specialist as 'team architects'.


Hire a temp team to build the product, then handover to a new internal team upon completion.