TrueNode's edge in a highly competitive space

About the company

TrueNode is a Berlin based venture-driven product studio that offers a full-service product development package including everything from idea validation to MVP launch to supporting businesses in scaling.
The company empowers Mittelstand and Enterprises that want impactful product innovation and Startups that want to supercharge their product development.

Products built
Years of experience


When TrueNode started working with UPPER, they were facing three challenges, all centered around talent access and management.

The first challenge was about how to quickly ramp up teams for new projects.
Secondly, how to reduce talent bench time when capacity was higher than demand.
And third, how to ensure high quality talent for their clients, across all stacks and roles.


To solve TrueNode's multi sided challenge, UPPER was to provide an on-demand "talent workbench" solution.
This would allow them to access pre-vetted talent in a matter of days, with high flexibility of engagement (full time, hourly etc), across a wide range of tech stacks.

Via this setup, more than 40 people were hired across multiple projects, and counting.

"UPPER was instrumental in helping us to add missing tech manpower and skills to our client's projects."

Jakob Schwankhaus
Co-Founder and Managing Director

solution implementation Timeline

Staffing on demand ...

~3 days / person
40+ people

Staffing talent on a regular basis as an on demand 'talent workbench' with guaranteed quality and speed.

The quality of the freelancers and the uncomplicated process gave us the confidence to not only use UPPER's service for single freelancers but also for entire delivery teams.

Jakob Schwankhaus
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Key Results

The solution enables TrueNode to consistently deliver top results with top talent, while keeping overhead low.

  • 40+ people hired
  • 3 teams assembled
  • 5+ clients supported
  • 2y+ partnership

TRUENODE benefited from


Staff one role in under 72 hours and assemble a complete product team in under 2 weeks.


UPPER's CTO-level engineering directors and talent specialists as 'team architects'.


UPPER's vetting guarantees a high level of talent quality and reduces the risk of a bad hire.